Earn Rewards

Inflation redirected to all coin holders. Earn passive rewards.


Not a single security threat or flaw has ever been exposed, ever.


No harsh mining equipment needed to solve algorithms.


Visibility to each & everyone. Public trust is transparency.

Active Github

Active community & development. Coding is open-sourced & public.

Hot Coin

The newest & hottest coin of 2018. The first of its market.


Optional security based on the requirements of the user.

Low Tx's Fees

Little to no fee's when sending & receiving(less than $0.0001).


No personal information needed to get started with Litra Coin(LIT)!

Speed Of Light

Real time settlements in only three to five seconds, guaranteed.

It's Stellar

Built around the technology of Stellar. Fast, safe, reliable.


Individual empowerment. Only you are in charge of your finances.